Building Process


The building of a new home begins with three steps:

  1. The realization of one’s own ideas onto paper, or by selecting an existing blueprint which suits your needs.
  2. Customization of your choices in terms of layout, fixtures, and interior finishes by completing an interview / questionnaire at our office
  3. Signing a consumer friendly, fixed price contract will complete the process

Shortly after these steps have been achieved, the building process begins. It’s really as simple as 1,2,3!

We have attached a full schedule of the services we offer for potential clients to familiarize themselves with. To access it, click the link below and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at our office.

Schedule of Service


Site & Basement

  • Service Lateral Supplied From Property Line
  • Poured Concrete Basement – 8” Wall
  • Basement Walls Damp Proofed – Both Sides
  • Steel Rebar Reinforcing For Basement Form Fit Windows Where Required
  • Garage Concrete Floor C/W Wire Mesh
  • Garage Floor Sealed
  • Crushed Stone Driveway / Walkway
  • Rough Construction Grade with Existing Fill

Framing & Exterior Finish

  • Sill Gasket On Top Of Basement Concrete Wall
  • Interior Basement Concrete Walls Studded
  • Interior Basement Concrete Walls Insulated C/W Sealed Vapor Barrier
  • Interior Basement Concrete Walls Drywalled Without Tape
  • Engineered Roof Truss System
  • Roof: 15/32” Ultra Roof Sheathing
  • 30 Year Cambridge Shingles C/W Tar Paper – Nailed Not Stapled
  • Seamless Eavestroughing
  • 2” X 6” Exterior Wall Construction @16” O.C.
  • OSB Wall Sheathing
  • OSB Floor Sheathing – Glued
  • 2” X 10” Floor Joist Or Engineered Floor Joist System
  • All Framing Lumber Kiln Dried
  • Wolmanized Rear Deck
  • Tyvek House Wrap
  • Vinyl Siding – Choice Of Color / Profile – Standard Colors
  • Vinyl Vented Soffit

Windows & Exterior Doors

  • Vinyl Windows – Single Hung or Casement
  • All Windows To Have Low “E” Glass Thermopanes
  • All Window Thermopanes To Be Argon Gas Filled
  • Exterior Doors To Be Steel Insulated – Vinyl Clad
  • All Exterior Doors To Have Deadbolts


  • Windows And Doors Insulated With Expandable Foam
  • Exterior Walls Insulated R-22
  • Basement Insulated R-22
  • Ceiling Insulation R- 50 – Blown In Blanket
  • Garage To Be Insulated
  • Home To Have A Sealed Vapor Barrier – 6 Mil Poly-Ultra


  • 200 Amp Electrical Breaker Panel
  • White Electric Baseboard Heaters
  • Two Electric Baseboard Heaters C/W Thermostat In Basement
  • Optional Natural Gas And Heat Pump Heating Systems
  • Air To Air Heat Recovery Ventilation System
  • Decora Switches And Plugs
  • Duplex Receptacles As Required
  • Bedroom Ceiling Light Outlets
  • Switched Light Outlets In Closets
  • Over Counter / Valence Lighting
  • AC Smoke Detectors – All Levels
  • Contractor Door Bell Kit Installed
  • Rough-In Cable TV
  • Rough-In Telephone Jacks
  • Rough-In Cat-5 Communications Cabling
  • 220 Plug C/W Thermostat In Garage
  • Switched Exterior Plug At Front Of House
  • Exterior Plug At Rear Of House
  • Light Fixture Allowance
  • All Electrical Light Fixtures Will Be Installed


  • Acrylic One Piece Tub/Shower Unit C/W Moen TL2393 Villeta Pressure Balanced Tap
  • All Flushes And Taps Meet Water Conservation Standards
  • Acrylic One Piece Shower Unit C/W Moen TL2393 Villeta Pressure Balanced Tap
  • Gerber Porcelain Basins C/W Moen Eva Taps
  • Gerber Viper Lined Flushes
  • Kitchen Double Stainless Steel Sink C/W Pull-Out Spout Tap / Spray
  • Water Outlet For Refrigerator
  • Mechanical Drains
  • Water Shut-Off On All Flushes And Taps
  • Exterior Frost Proof Taps
  • Washer/Dryer Hook-Up
  • Dryer Vented To Exterior
  • Shower Curtain Rods Installed

Interior Finish

  • Kitchen Cabinets And Vanities To Be Raised Panel – Stained Or Natural
  • Interior Walls And Ceilings– Drywall Or Thin Coat Plaster
  • Interior Paint – 3 Coats
  • Birch Hardwood Railing Systems – Varnished Or Stained
  • Birch Hardwood Stair Cases C/W Skirt – Varnished Or Stained
  • Interior Finish: 5.0” Ultra Colonial Baseboard
  • 3.5” Ultra Colonial Casing
  • 4.5” Architrave Boston Header
  • Windows To Be Cased Two Sides Plus Boston Header And Built Out Sill
  • Doors To Be Cased Plus Boston Header
  • Interior Doors – Cheyenne Colonial Prehung
  • Interior Doors To Have Phoenix Weisner Knobs
  • Ventilated Wire Shelving In Closets


  • Flooring Allowance – Hardwood And Ceramic Tile
  • Areas With Ceramic Tile To Have 5/16” Plywood Overlay


  • Vanity Mirror Allowance
  • Rough-In Vacu-Flow
  • Insurance During Construction – Fire, Theft, Liability
  • Building Permit, Electrical Permit, Plumbing Permit
  • Trash Dumpster To Be On Property During Construction
  • Enrollment In The “Platinum 7” Atlantic Home Warranty Program
  • House Qualifies For “New Home HST Rebate”
  • House Price Includes All Taxes And HST New Home Rebate To Builder
  • House To Be Cleaned Upon Completion Of Construction
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